Bombshell Academy

Currently enrolled or have purchased the Bombshell Academy Groupon? Ai??Here is what you need to know:

Items you need to bring to class: Your makeup kit! Ai??Make sure you bring a full coverage liquid foundation that matches your skin tone. Ai??Other recommended items are Cream or liquid eyeliner in black, powder blush, and false eyelashes (Ardell in 33 or 105 are best).

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What people are saying about Bombshell Academy…

“This was so much fun, and definitely worth the price even without the Groupon deal. You ladies were fun and professional, I will absolutely recommend Bombshell Academy to all my friends.”

“The teachers were fun, friendly, and knew their stuff.”

“Had a great time! Good girl talk and good advice. The girls were very friendly and helpful. I learned so much and everything that was taught was very easy. Thanks a lot, ladies.”

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Want to unleash your inner bombshell? At Bombshell Academy, Miss Rachel Riot will teach you just that! Offering makeup and hair tutorials, hair styling and makeup application, this vintage vixen will teach you all the tricks of the trade to look retro-fabulous! With access to our wardrobe, props, and pose-coaching you have everything you need to get professional pin-up photos and learn how to incorporate pin-up into your everyday style!

At the end of each workshop, students get a photo shoot with a professional photographer, all of the photos on a disc for you to take home, and the option to purchase retouched photographs to remember their special day by. Whether for a fun “girls day out” activity or to help jump-start your pinup modeling career, Bombshell Academy is here to help! Want us at your private party? Bar?

Each class is $200 and is taken with 5-10 other women. We pride ourselves on being a supportive environment and believe that true glamor has no age or size requirement!

For more information on the dates and times for this workshop, check the events page!